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Hafungi Macho

Hi Guys.

The other day I was just checking out the Kenyan gospel music scene when I came across this video called Hafungi Macho. Translated literally it means Doesnt close Eyes, broadly explained it means that God sees everything our joys, sorrows, trials and tribulations. This video is done by Willy featuring Daddy Owen and Danco. If the quality and originality of concept is going to be like this then Kenya’s development of local content has a very promising future. Folks in other fora have remarked that somehow with so much bandwidth about to be unleashed on the Kenyan ITC scene with the arrival of SEACOM, TEAMS and EASSy next year there might be a bandwidth glut. How wrong they will be if the youth of this country continue on the path of this guys who have created Hafungi Macho. Offcourse the bandwidth will not all be consumed by entertainment but also by education, small buss, govt and the BPO sectors among others. People always think of Africans consuming foreign music and film but they never think of the possibility of close to a billion Africans uploading content that has never before been seen on Earth. Keep up the good work people. Have Faith and Hope and all will be possible. Yes We Can. 

JellyFish Coolman.

I Dont Know

Hi Guys.

In my daily surfing of the web I come across all sorts of content from Africa. This here is another video clip of a group of young Kenyan musicians making a hit. The western world may not know that in Africa people too have music and that it’s not all about poverty, hunger and disease. Unlike western music which is only in English this guys have fused it with Swahili. The content is also quite respectable in that it talks of wives (by extension husbands too) coming from heaven. It urges us not to make conclusions as to the nature and form our future wives may take as they could be white, black, rich or poor. In this day of casual relationships it’s an apt message not heard in very many places.

JellyFish Coolman.

Kenyan Boy

Dear Friends.

Nazizi is one of the most prolific Kenyan musicians. I have always liked her voice which is really lovely. This number is very reflective of Kenyan society. The video clip is not very good but the lyrics are really cool. Nazizi also has a knack for being able to do very good collaborations with other Kenyan musicians which I consider a very special gift. Keep up the good work.

I know this is not Kenyan but I just couldn’t resist. It is so loved by Kenyans I bet it could be considered well and truly Kenyan. Afterall Caribbean has it’s roots in Africa so I dont think it’s too far removed. Sean Paul has become a legend in the dancehall ragga scene. Watching this it’s not hard to see why.

Kaza Mwendo.

This here is another clip which reminds us not to get too attached to the things of this world. Material possessions, politics, fame and the pleasures of this world are but temporary phenomena. To find true happiness something more substantial is needed. Again Daddy Owen and Danco make this a good hit.


A swahili song by Juacali and the angelic voice of Ms. Sana. This is a little hardcore but it’s got a nice tone and tune. Young people disagree as usual. So it is in this song as one of the partners calls it quits and declares non compliance while the other pleads for forgiveness.


JellyFish Coolman.


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    Brian Wangila said,

    Hey Jelly,
    I like the song reviews that u write. U can check out more kenyan lyrics at

    • 2

      jellyfishcoolman said,

      Hi Brian.

      Thanks for visiting and welcome. I checked out your site and it’s not been launched yet but I await it’s launching. Keep coming back and keep in touch.


  2. 3

    OK, the lyricalkenya project has been scrapped, but you can still check out Kenyan lyrics at

  3. 4

    sorry, the Kenyan lyrics site is crap, bt the lyrical kenya site will be online soon, hope you check it out.

  4. 5

    Kenyan Music said,

    You should have individual pages for every song, so that we can comment on each as they are released

  5. 7

    maxwell chase said,

    hey jellyfish,so kenyan music huh? well check this out tell me what you think (video coming soon)

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