Hi Guys.

Gregorian – Masters of Chant constitute for me one of the most ethereal and deeply spiritual types of music the world has ever heard. Offcourse in the course of our long history on this planet there must have been similar or even better manifestations of spiritual music. What sets apart masters of Chant is that they have succeeded in promoting a deeply spiritual genre of music to the contemporary platform. Gregorian is a deeply contemplative and meditative form of music that sings to the soul and evokes a deep sense of our nature as more than material beings in this universe. To get an idea check out the following videos.

Now check out this other one to really appreciate this guys.

Fascinating stuff. This is really a stunner.

The Gregorian finds the sound of silence to be a very powerful presence. It is the path to true contemplation.

Silence and contemplation leads to peace. Take this moment to enjoy peace

I still haven’t found what I am looking for. Very True for most of us. Perhaps we shall only know at the very end.

Nothing is as terrible as losing one’s religion. It is the path of solitude,  darkness and fear. It may eventually lead one to lose his or her very soul. We must always pray that at the end of our short human existence we will be reunited with eternal happiness.

This video is not gregorian but I thought it fitted the category because it too is extremely spiritual in nature. It’s an indian mantra called shivoham which is also deeply meditative. It’s done by a guy called Manish Vyas. I loved every minute of it long as it is. Again music that is out of this world. Enjoy.



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