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Dear Friends.

Welcome to my blog. JellyFish Coolman is a real person albeit with a pseudonym. I originate from East Africa. I was born to Roman Catholic parents and have come to love and deeply respect the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Like my parents the church has shaped and formed me. Though I cannot claim to be perfect by any stretch of the imagination I must say they my parents that is, and the Church are not responsible for my many failures. However I credit them with all the good that I may have done whether it was done inadvertently, deliberately or out of compulsion. 

This blog is designed to give me a space to think out aloud. In the process I hope those who may come across this very public musings will not hesitate to point out my dementia when they see it. Where my thoughts can be of value to someone then I shall be glad for having done my small part to serve humanity.

As you will notice like any human being I have diverse interests. However because I now currently live in the Netherlands I have come to appreciate even more the great continent of Africa. Whereas Europe and Africa may be worlds apart they are still in one planet. Europe just like Africa has alot to learn from Africa and vice versa.

This blog is intended to help Africa recapture it’s dignity by seizing opportunities which are open to it. I try to inspire hope by emphasizing the positive over the negative. In the Netherlands for example they have “A Can Do Attitude”. The concept of impossibility doesnt apply to them. That’s why the Dutch have not only put the sea at bay but are actually taking land from it.

With the same spirit Africa could achieve so much. The first realisation Africans should have is that God gave us a gift even if we dont always know it. The Dutch could have sat back and said “Please help us because no one can face the sea and win”. They would then have been at the mercy of donors, aid agencies, Bretton Woods institutions and all manner of manipulations. They have no such problems instead they are wealthy and even give quite a bit of aid themselves.

Africa on the other hand has faced it’s problems very stoically and courageously. African generosity even in the face of scarcity, cheerfulness even in the case of tragedy and resilience even in the case of adversity is a very inspiring message to the world.

In recent times there are growing indications of glimmers of hope from the African continent. African economies have been growing faster than developed economies. Containing HIV/AIDS, Malaria and a whole host of other diseases are beginning to look possible to overcome. Conflicts are on the downward trend and greater democratization is increasingly evident.

In some areas Africa actually leads the world. Take the case of cellular telephony. In the moral aspects our opposition to abortion, gay lifestyles, tampering with life, euthanasia and sexual immorality I think stands us in good steed. No civilization in moral decadence can progress. Offcourse I am aware not all Africans are morally upright people otherwise the scourge of AIDS and corruption would not be so widespread but at least we accept we are wrong and seek forgiveness and change. Difficult as it is to live a moral life it is the key to progress.

A strong work ethic, punctuality, order, discipline and diligence encourage societies to strive for greater things which inevitably leads to prosperity and wealth creation. That is why Africa needs to invest in education to develope it’s human capital to compete in the global marketplace. What I am seeing in some countries leads me to conclude it wont be long before they begin to see the fruits of their labour.

Sincerely yours,



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    Arugaw said,

    Can you be followed on twitter?

    • 2

      jellyfishcoolman said,

      Yes U can do so by following @Jellyfish78. Alternatively U could give me ur twiitter name & I could follow U.

  2. 3

    kenyantykoon said,

    i hadn’t read through this page. quite interesting. yours was a good and well thought out reason to start blogging. Mine, am sorry to say was very very simple. its nice to delve into the character of the blogger that is jellyfish. What i am wondering though, is why the name??

  3. 4

    ukwelii said,

    Great stuff, Mr. Jellyfish.

    We’re friends on Twitter, but allow me to make your acquaintance in +140 Characters.

    Your blog has been feed-readered and bookmarked with pleasure. I Look forward to perusing and sharing on your thoughts.

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    carrie said,


  5. 6

    VKP Music said,

    New gospel music from Kenya/Africa/world (2013): -www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYXOaCv5PfA

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